When you trace back where your beliefs about money began, sometimes it’s fascinating to see how that has affected many decisions you’ve made in life. During my time with today’s expert, I recalled a memory from childhood that caused me to question the value of what I spend my money on, and what I can “afford”, which created personal limiting beliefs that I have been working on restructuring.

Chella Diaz

Our featured interview today features Chella, who empowers people to master their money skills. She’s done the work too; with 15 certifications under her belt as a financial expert and spiritual healer, she bridges the gap for her clients to have money AND be spiritual.


Watch all this in Chella’s interview now!

  • “Unpack” what’s not serving you, to make space for the right beliefs/ tools in your suitcase
  • Hang out with people who uplift you, and lift them too!
  • Learn from the wealthy; 3 tools to earn and keep the money you desire

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Visit www.chelladiaz.com for more opportunities to change your money story and bridge the gap in your life.

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