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Chella Diaz is a life coach and the owner of Transcend Abundance, she believes there is a very strong link between money and spirituality. Having written many books about the topic, Chella mentors women and teaches them how to live a prosperous life.


[1:55] What are some of the biggest money mistakes you’ve made?

  • Having someone invest her money for her without asking the tough questions
  • Always do your due diligence

[3:19] How do you believe spiritually and finances mix?

  • There are two sets of rules, if you are spiritual then you won’t have abundance, and if you are rich you won’t be spiritual
  • It’s about changing the way you view both of them
  • Always try to get yourself in a strong position before helping others

[6:17] How much of money management do you believe is linked to your mental well being?

  • If you remember the first money conversation you can remember, that is probably related to your current beliefs about money
  • As an example if the first conversation you hear is about someone not being able to afford something you will either become a big spender and live paycheck to paycheck or end up spending every single penny
  • Try to remember the first conversation you had and learning the lesson of what you should be doing and figure out where you are.

[12:39] What would you tell a younger version of yourself about money management?

  • When you are younger you want material things
  • Is what you’re going to school for going to give you the money that you need to achieve your dreams
  • Find ways to further yourself, maybe volunteer yourself
  • Find someone and pick their brain



  • If you’d love a free way to listen to book check out audible to get a free audiobook

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[16:59] What is your savings or retirement plan?

  • Strong believer in real estate but also not putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Having additional sources of income is super important- Chella is trying to setup something passive

[17:46] Do you have a favorite book?

  • Wasn’t always a reader- start listening to books
  • Book: The road less traveled
  • Book: Think and grow rich

[19:41] Favorite quote you like to live by?

  • Treat others the way that you want to be treated and have compassion

[20:15] Any other parting piece of guidance?

  • Your money journey begins today
  • Know where you are and where you want to get to.