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A Little About Me

I knew from a very young age I was different from other kids. I was able to see and feel things they could not, but I didn’t want to stand out. I closed down my gifts till I was much older and able to embrace them without feeling different.

I have been called to learn many healing modalities, but the few I am most proud of are – Reiki Master, Starlight energy and mostly recently my certification in the life illuminating and powerful, 7th Dimensional Healing Energy.

I have been on this healing journey for over ten years now, learning, healing and renewing my life in ways that I can help others transform themselves.

I was married for many years, and have two beautiful boys to show for it, along with many lasting memories and lessons that remind me daily that every aspect of our lives is a place we can learn from.

Chella Diaz

Transform Yourself

with Chella Diaz
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Life Coach

Looking for Change? Chella offers one on one healing sessions along with life coaching for those seeking to free themselves from the past to live a more transformed future.

Key Your Destiny

Students learn the pitfalls of credit cards, and how to correctly use them in a responsible way to help build credit.  How to read their credit scores, the meanings of the reports and how to consider their scores importance in the big picture.  They will also create spending plans, and the Rule of 72.


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Teach Your Heart

My Books

Having an understanding of how money works is more important for young people now than ever before. As soon as teenagers are out of high school they are inundated with credit card offers and tempted by poor spending habits. This book is a primer of all things money related – from how to write a check, to how to make your first million. Learn how a budget can save you from late fees and debt. Find out how investments work and how your money can work just as hard as you do. This book is written for teens to give them the best possible understanding of our complicated financial world and a compass to navigate it by. It does not matter how much you make what counts is how much you keep/save.

From our Workshops

Are you ready for Change?


Healing Sessions can be done in person, or over the phone.

Women's Workshops

Inspiriting Woman to learn more about themselves, their lives and who they wish to become.

Young People's Workshops

Teaching Young People the importance of learning about the future fiances by learning good habits.

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